Olga has both maternal and matriarcal aspects to her character. There is significant evidence to the latter- Olga is occasionally depicted as a ruthless, leader of the Party, concerned only with results, willing to sacrifice anything for the cause. A member of Louis's faction of the Party of the Proloteriat, it is she who is the one who throws the bomb at Hugo, aware that it may kill him, just to encourage him to speed up his assasination. It was probably, (but cannot be proven) Olga who sent Hugo poisoned chocolates in prison, an attempt to destroy him- tying up loose ends, in effect. Even the first tableau begins with Olga wondering whether to murder Hugo- if he has spoken, and if he is a traitor.
However, she has a considerable maternal aspect to her character. Hugo- having renounced his familly, and his class, was desperately searching for a parent figre, as he entered the scheming world of Socialist politics. Olga fufills that. An older woman, Hugo automatically respects her seniour rank in the party. Her ties with him are obvious- in the first tableau, we learn that Hugo reterns to Olga's house first, after coming out from prison, even though he knows it is likely that she was compliant in his attempted assassination. His automatic turn to her

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