The political views of the various characters in the play.


Hugo is shown as a naive young bourgeois intellectual who joins the Communist party to make something of his life. Hugo does not understand the lives his fellow party members have lead, and as a consequence doesn't really understand the struggle of the party. He wants to gain respect, and thinks that by succeeding on missions he will get it. However, the members of teh party view him as a clueless induvidual, and it is unlikely that Hugo will gain respect with people outisde of his social class. Hugo is a purist; he believes that Hoederer will take away the integrity of the party. He does not understand Hoederers mentality in wanting to gain power. Hugo has disowned his father and tried the best he could to get away from his bourgeois background, but he still clings to his upbringing.

Hoederer is a leading member of the Communist party. He is a humanist, and wants to gain power. He believes the only way to do this is to make an alliance with other parties, who may even have differing ideoligies to his party, as then they will have the power to end the war. He will then

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