Political Ideologies of Hoederer and Hugo

Very Communist- “tu etais rouge de colere” (Hoederer mentioning his blushing face, with subtle undertones of admiration in his Communist spirit (Red Flag of Communism).
A member of a new generation of active revolutionaries, willing to be involved in anything to succeed- “Moi, j’ai les mains sales. Jusqu’axu coudes.” – Me, I have dirty hands. To the elbows (I have plunged them in shit and in blood).
Purist- “vous n’avez plas le droit d’entrainer le Part dans vos combines”- a reference to Hoederer’s planned coalition. Hugo is saying that Hoederer may taint the integrity of the party with his talk of alliance with far right parties.

Believes that everything is so simple- “C’est une organisation revolutionnais et vous allez en faire un parti de gouvemenent.” Sees the party not at all as a governmental political party, instead he sees it as a revolutionary party- which will ultimately take power by force. Hugo is not willing to compromise on this area at all.
Above all, Hoederer despises bloodshed. “C’est le sang que tu regrets,” is faintly mocking Hugo- “It is bloodshed you regret.” His aim is to avoid “de guerre civile” at any cost.
Believes in “international Communism” (to quote Trotsky). He has a great faith in “L’Armee rough (USSR army)”, and he believes them to be the saviours, when they finally advance into Illyria.
Has reasonable fear of the Red Army occupation, knows what they are like, and knows also that a forign occupation of Illyria is highly likely. “Je te garantis qu’il y aura de durs moments a passer” (si ‘l-Armee rouge occupera Illyria.) Knows how an army behaves when occupying a country- “toutes les armies en guerre, liberatrices ou noon, se ressemblent: elles vivent sur le pays occupe.” The Red Army, according to Hoederer will live off the country, possibly raiding and looting.
Refuses to compromise on purist Marxist ideology- believes that this coalition it is a price too high for them to pay for power- “On ne doit pas pouvoir prendre le pouvoir a ce prix.”
Realistic- the Party Proletariat is too weak to take power by itself- “je te dis que mous ne sommes pas assez forts pour faire la Revolution seules.”
Believes that the party will only survive if it stays true to its socialist ideals- “Et a ce moment-la le pari sera foutu.”
Hoederer understands the nature of pointless martyrs- “Je me fous des morts.” Hoederer has a very clear, pure edge to all his politics- he wants to prevent deaths, and is involved in politics for those living- “Je fais une politique de vivant, pour les vivants.”
“On s’apercevra peut-etre un jour que je n’ai pas peur du sang”- perhaps it will be realised one day where I have no fear of blood. Hugo fears acting- his aristocratic past has left an imprint on his life. To sum him up- a quote from Hoederer “C’est ce qui pu a ton petit nez d’aristocrate”

Know that there must be some violence to assume control- “On ne fait pas la Revolution avec des fleurs.” One cannot make a revolution with floures. His determination that there must be some degree of violence, fits comically badly with his inability to perform acts that are necessary- such as killing Hoederer. This contrasts with Hoederer himself, who is able “de salir les mains”, but does no see it as always necessary.
Hoderer loves people- a true philanthropist, though not perhaps in the purist sense. To him, the worst crime is not to love men, to love humanity, and as he says to Hugo- “Tu vois! Tu vois bien! Tu n’aimes pas les homes Hugo, Tu n’aimes que les principles”- that is “you do not love men, Hugo, you love only principles.” Hoederer abhors the way Hugo has fallen from his goal of saving humanity, corrupted by Marxism, which is only the way. Hoederer is not in love with Marxism. It is only the way to a purpose- helping people.
Despises risks- “ne le sacrifiez pas de vos propres mains.
Understands that risks are a part of life “Sit u ne veux pas courir de risques, il ne faut pas faire de politique.”
Is loyal not only to the party, but to the integrity of its members- “et vous croyez que les vivants accepteront vos combines?”
All is fair in love and war mentality- “Nous sommes en guerre.”
“Tu n’aimes pas les homes, Hugo. Tu n’aimes que les principes”- cries Hoederer. This is almost completely correct. Hugo loves Marxism, its principles, its aims, its ideas. In loving this too much, he has forgotten Marxism’s true purpose, and the pivot point, the keystone, on which it turns. Philanthropy, and charity- Hugo has forgotten what it means to be human- and to love others.
Quite ruthless- “Tous les moyens sont bons quand ils sont efficaces”, et “Aujour’hui, c’est le meilleur moyen,” suggest this
Another highly relevant point on Hugo by Hoederer- “Toi, je te connais bien, mon petit, tue es un destructeur.” You, I know (understand) you well, my little one, you are a breaker. Hoederer understands that Hugo is in the party for negative reasons, his disgust at the borgois, and not positive ones- to build a new, Marxist society.
Understands the nature of purity- “C’est une idée de fakir et de moine.” Sees it not applicable to the current day and age.